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Hands-on Reiki Healing

I use the ancient Japanese tradition of reiki and intuition to channel chi, your life energy, into the places that need it most. This activates your own natural healing processes and helps balance your mind, body, and spirit. During your session you will experience the light touch of my hands as I follow the paths of energy coursing through your body and gently work to unblock them. 

This is a full-body treatment focused on clearing your energetic wheelhouses and reestablishing balance. This service is amazing for anyone with physical or emotional blockages and can offer a huge release, followed by feelings of peace and relaxation. Allow yourself time to rest after any treatment.


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Reiki Distance Healing 

Unable to hang out physically? On vacation, moved away, or living outside of the Denver area? Not a problem at all. Distance Reiki is a wonderful practice that allows me to help balance your energy from afar. I use quantum healing to send chi energy across time and space to the places you need it most (doubly amazing when you hit those vacation-snafus and need a refresher, or the moving truck takes a wrong turn!).

This is great for both physical ailments or emotional blockages, and is most effective when done before bed or a time of extended rest to really allow the effects to set in. We’ll discuss your needs via phone or messaging and set up a time for you to receive your healing. That’s all there is to it! 


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Sound healing 

You’ll feel like you’re floating in a cloud during our sound healing session. With a variety of instruments and my voice, I craft different healing frequencies and vibrations on or around your body that lull you into a meditative state. 

This treatment is wonderful for moving stagnant energy out of your body and activating your chakras with powerful healing frequencies. The one-on-one treatments allow you to go deeper within yourself and, with continued practice, can release years of conditioning and experience, really bringing you home to yourself. 


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Group Sound bath

Gather in a group to experience the ancient technique of sound healing! While this is a great opportunity to bond with like-minded peers and save money, it also serves a much greater purpose.

 The frequency and vibration of the world around us is out of balance and by feeding the right frequencies back into our bodies as a collective we can raise the vibration of the planet while still receiving personal benefits. This is a great session to book for an event or even just a get-together with friends. 

Prices vary

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Space clearing

We all need our own oasis at home, but sometimes the energy is just… off. Using smudging techniques, reiki blessings, crystals, and frequency, I’ll cleanse each room in your home so that it’s the personal heaven you need it to be.

I’ll also cover your outdoor space in protective energy and bury crystals in your yard to keep working their gift when I’m gone. This is great right before trying to sell your home or upon moving somewhere new as well!


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