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Welcome, I'm Devon.

artist + Photographer + Reiki practioner

While I’ve always had a compassionate, intuitive heart, I wasn’t raised with the knowledge and spiritual health resources I’ve compiled over 10 years into my journey. When I began the practice of reiki + sound healing, it allowed me to see the harmful patterns I’d been repeating for decades and begin shifting them to paths forged out of self-love and forgiveness. 

As for my photography experience, I have always loved the art of boudoir because I feel I relate to the fact that it is unapologetic. Boudoir allows you to unapologetically love yourself. I quickly realized the genuine joy and embodiment that happens to a woman when she honors her body for herself by creating beautiful art. That is where the passion blossomed. I knew I wanted to make this my career, after watching every woman come into the room anxious and shadowed and every. single. one. of them left with a newfound confidence and lightness.

  • I grew up without electricity for ten years in the mountains of Montana.
  • There is an ancient rock wall on the mountain my home is near that went viral as an unexplained monolith with ancient origins and possibly otherworldly energy.
  • I am SUPER silly and young at heart 
  • I am an avid traveler and consider hawaii my soul home
  • Japan and New Zealand have been my favorite trips 

  • I talk to plants and trees
  • I bartended in celebrity bars in san francisco in my 20s and early 30s 
  • I love to cook , garden , sing , read and hike 
  • I may be spiritual but I love hard rap 
  • I have lived In the same building as Bing Crosby and Mae West 

Things that make me, me!

Let's take a moment to breathe together

Our working relationship will have

A heart centered approach

deeply rooted empathy

years of experience

I lead with an incredibly open heart and am able to help connect to most situations due to my own diverse experiences and my innate Intuition. 

I lead with no judgement and will meet you exactly where you need. I create an Inviting and warm safe space for all my healing space and strive on making you feel as comfortable as being with an old friend 

I am extremely passionate about my work and believe it is my purpose on this earth to share it with you. I am highly adaptable to even the most unique situations. I have a stong sense of ethics and wont guide you somewhere you arent ready to go.

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